Comedian, Funny Bone Still Mad At Fans For Calling His Wristwatch ‘Fake’

Fast-rising comedian, Funny Bone has shown he’s still very much angry at a fan who insulted him, calling his wristwatch fake some few days ago. The comedian today took a full picture if the wristwatch and called on the fan to check out the authenticity.

Stanley Chibuna, popularly referred to as Funny Bone, some days ago posted a picture of himself in a plane and also flashing his wristwatch. But a fan called him out claiming that the wristwatch was fake and that the comedian is still a boy.

The fan said, ”Bia, funny bone u are still a boy trying to belong and make money! Stop showing off dis ur china (chinco) wristwatch and grow up!”

The comedian however replied the fan immediately claiming fb2”

@uchemurphymartins oyaa clap for your self naa.. your just so vain . You think I posted this picture to show off my wrist watch? You must be jobless o. Who wrist watch epp? You decided to be stupid on a Sunday. Pls carry your stupidy elsewhere.”

With several other fans trying to check the authenticity of the wristwatch called on popular OAP Daddy Freeze, who is a watch freak to check it.

The comedian, who is still mad at fans reaction to his wristwatch has now posted a picture on his social media page calling out to fans to have a good look at the wristwatch and verify its authenticity.

The comedian wrote: “to satisfy your curiosity @kikimadu here is a better and clearer picture.. now I ask again who wristwatch epp? #Vain #Notocyberbully”


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