Onyeka Onwenu Greatly Worried About X-Rated Music Industry

Veteran singer, philanthropist and politician, Onyeka Owenu has expressed worries over the x-rated nature of music videos in the Nigerian music industry.

The singer, who also revealed how she left music and ventured into politics, said too much ‘shaking’ in music videos has become a source of concern.

”Let’s give the young ones a break. I also sang a lot of love songs, love songs are good. But the only thing I’m worried about is this shaking..shaking ..shaking of a thing. It’s getting too much and I’m always wondering why it’s only the women who are ‘shaking’. Let the men also go and shake their own so that we can see. But it’s a process and I’m happy, they are enjoying their young years.”

She also opened up on venturing into politics claiming though it already existed in her family, she delved into it because she felt the need to help people. The singer, who is one of Nigeria’s foremost female singers and has remained relevant in the music industry till date, claimed she woke up one morning and decided to run for local government chairmanship. in her words.

”It wasn’t. I never planned to go into politics, even though I was born into a political family. My father was the first Arondizuogu man to be in the House of Representative in the first Republic. He worked with people like Mazi Mbonu Ojike who was his best friend. That was my story.”

”I’m the last child of my parents, but I never knew I would go into politics. What inspired my decision to go into politics was the need to help my people. I realized there is so much I could do for them. But as a politician, I can help to make laws or execute projects that will affect people’s lives. So, I just woke up one day and said, I’m vying for the local government chairmanship. I didn’t know it was going to work out. It started a political process for me. Who knows where it’s going to take me. But I’m proud of everything that I have done over the years.”


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