Shehu Sani Defends Buhari, Says A Warrior Can’t Be Afraid Of Niger Delta Militants

Senator Representing Kaduna Central at the upper Chamber, Shehu Sani has dismissed speculations that President Muhammadu Buhari cancelled his trip to Ogoni land over death threats by the Niger Delta militants.

Sanni on a Facebook post on Friday wondered how a man (Buhari) who had fought civil war and made a carrier in defence be scared of “deranged Avengers”.

Sani said: “Threats of assassination by deranged Avengers couldn’t have been the reason for PMB’s cancelled visit. When he cancelled the trip to Lagos there was no threats and no such mischievous conjectures.

“I’m not disputing that every human being has fears, but not for a man who risked his life and fought a civil war to unite his country and made a carrier in the defence of his nation. For a Man who has experienced darkness, have no fear of a shadow.”

On the eve of the trip to flag-off the cleanup of Ogoni, which had been neglected after decades of oil exploration, a militant asked Buhari to “sign his death warrant” before his visit.

The cancellation of the visit sparked outrage, with Ayo Fayose, Ekiti state governor and fierce critic of Buhari saying it was shameful for the president to have “run away from militants”.


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