Interview: DeltaXclusive Chat With Kowen [Read]

Kowen Otu

Deltaxclusive Met With Kowen And Had Some Little Chat Were Kowen Answered Some Questions And Gave Us Tips About What The Industry Is All About. Read More Below;


Deltaxclusive:- Kowen, What are you working on right now:

Kowen: Ahhnn..actually am working on some  projects right now,but am more focused on my first single this year…titled in my dialect OTU..set to drop anytime from now

Deltaxclusive: What Inspired You To Do The Song “Otu” ??

Kowen: Hahaha…Brother to be honest… have been coming across other artistes rapping and giving titles to their songs in their languages…and I felt I should also try to do same and let a few people know bout my dialect n how awesome it is

Am an Urhobo Boy from the south n am proud of My language

So that’s how OTU came about

And it actually means MATE

DX: What Genre Of Music Are You Into?

Kowen: I am into Hiphop and Rap Music

Deltaxclusive: Are You Signed?

Kowen: Yea I am under the management of Fun House Entertainment

Deltaxclusive: Is It A Contract?

Kowen: Ehmmm…its kinda a contract though,but Fun House is like a family to me…so even its a contract…they my fams…so like I said they managing me…

Deltaxclusive: Who Is Your Mentor In The Industry?

Kowen: My mentor,I love and look up to alot of rap arts though… But my main mentor  should be Kendrick Lamar

Kowen: Part from him…I really have great love for  eminem,JCole,Kanye and Drake

Deltaxclusive: When Did You Start Rapping?

Kowen: I started rap 2011

Deltaxclusive: How is the music industry like to you?

Kowen: Boss… The music industry is really hard I must say,but we can’t give up,can we? We just have to keep doing wah we love doing “music “,although the industry hasn’t been that all nice to me, but am cool…and thank God for all that’s been going on

Deltaxclusive: Most Artistes Say That Music Industry Is All About Money.. How True Is It?

Kowen: Its true though…I must agree

Kowen: Because even with your good music,u need money for promotions and all that

Kowen: You don’t expect,deejays,promoters

,marketers,bloggers,hype men and women, producers and club owners to hit your songs up without payments

Kowen: You have to wet the ground,lol appease the music is a bit all bout money…

Deltaxclusive: So Is There Any Plan For A Video Shoot For This Your Song That You Will Be Dropping Soon

Kowen: Not really sure bout that,that question is best answered by my management and Label…but for now we are focused on the promotion of the song in total

Deltaxclusive: Who Owns Fun House Entertainment ?

Kowen: Fun house is owned by My Manager Mr Darius Orobosa aka jamnaija as most people know him

Deltaxclusive: Cool

Deltaxclusive: What Else Should We Be Expecting From You?

Kowen: Something big boss

Kowen: Alot of packages are lined up for my fans out there

OTU Drops Today!!!!


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