“What To Do When Your Lecturer Harasses You” [Female Students Get In HERE]

A Female student shared her experience and feels it may also be helpful and interest other female students, So I Decided To Share It Here…

See article below;

As girls we can’t deny that attentions come from the opposite s*x but I find it strange when a married man or a lecture does it.Pretty girls are mostly the victimized ones and its something that has eaten deep into the educational system.One time I was on holiday, my phone rang and my lecture called me and towards the end of the call,he said he wants to spend 3nights with me,I laughed seriously and was shocked at the way he had so much confidence to ask me such.My reply was crazy, I said “sir,which church is the night vigil holding at”.The man laughed and told me something is wrong with me.

Another lecturer did same when I went to his office on his call.He told me he wants to have an affair with me and I told him “sir,I appreciate the fact you like me but you are married and you are my lecturer.please sir I ‘LD like to keep this official and I’ll really appreciate if u understand.I promise not to tell anyone about this.”

I then left his office. After a long while, he called me and appreciated me for displaying maturity and told me I had good training.He advised I should keep it up and call him whenever I have financial challenges.

Fellow ladies ,these are the things you should do when u are being harrased by your lecturer

1. Do not show sign of fear

2. Dont show any facial expression that will give him the impression that you are helpless.rather be strong and Dont say anything till he is done.

3. If he stands up to start touching and holding you tell him you told your friend you were coming to his office and you beg to leave.

4. Don’t be saucy

5. If the lecturer insist ,when next he calls you,record your conversation .

6. Do not blackmail him rather go to the appropriate authority and report. make sure you doñt play the record unless u are asked for evidence.

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