Men! Here Are 6 Things Never To Say To A Woman During S*x


When you and your woman are getting down, a lot can go wrong and change things from hot and heavy to no and never.

Getting her started is easy but keeping her going is a problem men deal with. All it takes is one work or one act and she will change it for you. Here are six things you should definitely avoid:

1. Make we do one position wey me and Bisi dey do
No! Never bring up your ex. Even if that was the best position you ever tried in your life, there are better ways to bring it up. It may have been your ex that taught you so you involuntarily think of her when you want the position but please, do not mention her or her name. Instead tell your woman you want to try something you like. That’s enough for her to understand it she wasn’t the one you were with when you liked it and also not enough for her to get angry. Keep it neutral.

2. See as you fat so, you cloth just dey tight you
Weight is usually a sensitive topic, whether she has added or lost weight. Whichever route she is on, do not comment when you guys are getting down. There are many other places to bring up your concerns for her health and the bedroom is not one of them. It is not a turn on and you will end up self-servicing if you voice out her weight issues.

3. Calling her by another woman’s name
It’s impossible to say ‘always think about your woman during s*x’ because the mind drifts. You may remember a scene you saw when you watched p**n, or maybe your favourite female celebrity crush or even a girl you met and thought she was cute All these are your thoughts and you have a right to think them, however never voice such out in bed. Calling your girlfriend by the wrong name or the name of one of her friends will end things in a snap, as well as put strain on your relationship.

4. Which kind rubbish be this?
If you want your woman to do something differently, or change position, say it in a calm and sweet way. If you bark out instruction or hiss or say that she is doing what is nonsense, you will lower her self-esteem and make her unwilling to continue.

5. Where your g-spot dey?
Every woman is different and it’s up to her to communicate what she likes or up to you to do your own experiments. If you try what you used to do for your ex and it’s not working, don’t impose it on her and say she must have a problem. Be willing to take your time, explore her and find out what she likes and dislikes.

6. You never finish? I’m don tire abeg.
Your woman may be taking long to c*m and you are tired of having s*x because you have already c*m. This is normal but it is wrong for you to abandon her after she stayed for your own. If you are the type to get tired after you c*m, then take her to her own finish line before you start your race. That way once you are done and tired, you can relax and no one will stress you. But, if you start complaining halfway through or push her away and say you don’t want to do again, it won’t encourage her and it will be selfish of you.


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