5 bad shower habits to get rid of for better skin

Showers can be harmful. A bad shower routine can cause dry skin, irritation and even body acne. Thus, it might be time that you take another look at your shower routine. Here are 5 bad shower habits to get rid of. Continue reading


4 Health Advantages Of Being A Short Person You Didn’t Know About!

Without a doubt, one of the first things that people notice about you is your height. The common perception is that men who are taller are more athletic, attractive and successful.

While for women there isn’t as much pressure to be tall, in the last few years, taller women are also being perceived as more attractive than their shorter counterparts. Continue reading

6 Fruits And Vegetables You Should Never Peel Before You Eat

Eating healthy takes a little bit of extra work. This may entail you making your every meal and following all cooking procedures spelt out by food manufacturers.

When it comes to fruits and vegetables however, a lot of us believe we are taking in a lot of nutrients just by eating them. A lot of the nutrients of a number of fruits and vegetables are contained in the edible skin that covers them. Continue reading