Are You Short Or Tall? These Are 5 Things Your Height Says About You

short and tall

A new research has revealed certain things about how much people’s height affects them in the long run. Continue reading


10 Most Annoying Things People Do On Public Transport

There are certain annoying things people do when they get on public transport. Here are some of those things.

If there’s one thing worse than a late train or bus, it’s the people you have to share it with. We list the smells, sounds and space invaders that make public transport such a pain. Continue reading

12 Things Anyone Who Went To UNIBEN Will Understand Perfectly

Getting into UNIBEN is the first struggle to earning a degree; while lectures, hostel living, night class and graduation just take their turns in the whole struggle.

Anyone who went to UNIBEN have most definitely been made stronger by the experiences they gathered from there. There are some things that happen in UNIBEN that probably don’t happen in other Nigerian universities and the experiences are just priceless. Continue reading